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CollViz (short for "Collection Visualization") is an independent project

captained by Jessica Mailhot.

It was created and launched as her Master’s thesis.

(CU Boulder Museum & Field Studies Program, Class of 2020)


Our mission is to make data visualization accessible and relevant 

for any museum collection, with free and easy-to-use tools

so anyone can bringing data viz into their work.


Data viz is booming in many other fields, but it's still a new frontier in museums and collection management. CollViz was created to make data viz accessible

to all museums.

No computer coding experience or purchase required.  

CollViz uses Tableau Public, which is a free and user-friendly

data viz software.

This website is a one-stop hub where collections and museum staff

can find everything they need  to get started:

free-to-use dashboard templates, step-by-step tutorials,

and space to collaborate with CollViz and your colleagues.

Jess is trained in both collection management and data viz design.

She did all the grunt work for you.

It's just a matter of downloading a dashboard template and plugging in your data - it's that simple.

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